2020 Mission Projects

Here’s what we’re up to this year…

This summer’s mission project will take place June 20-27, 2020  in the community of Mosovi.

We have built long-lasting relationships with our Dominican brothers and sisters as well as with our fellow missioners from the three lower peninsula dioceses.

Mosovi Project

We will work on the potable water phase of the project in Mosovi. Through very generous donations, we hope to complete the final phase of the project – to get potable water up and running at the church filter station and to train individuals to provide system maintenance.

Other Details

The approximate cost for each team member is $1,500-1,800.

Here’s how this breaks down (All numbers approximate):

FLIGHT: $750-800 with group rate discount

While there are general funds being raised for this multi-year project, as a team member you are required to solicit funds for your trip. This is not easy for some, but remember, you are not asking for funds for yourself but for support of the DR project and relationship building.