Mid-Week Update 2012

by Joanna

Another day begins in the DR. The people here are incredibly good at using what they have available to them. The man who sweeps the hotel area in the morning is making a new broom from one of the palm fronds he found at the edge of the property.

Once on site, we begin the day with prayer. Padre Bienvenido feels that it is important for the hired laborers who are not members of the church to be reminded of what we are working on each day that we are there. We used our copies of the bilingual prayer book to say The Lord’s Prayer with them in Spanish.

Phyllis was excited to get on with the day. She immediately grabbed her favorite tool — a machete — and began work. We’re not sure where she gets her skills from, but nobody wanted to ask.

Meet Bill. He’s been arrested at least fifty-eight times. His experiences range from work in the civil rights movement, thus the arrests, to world traveling. Now, he can add nail straightening to his incredible resume.

This is the back of the church. I thought the picture was pretty. (Thanks, Sandy!)

While we worked incredibly hard, there was always time for play. Dae, the young man on the right, has done a great job of representing our Michigan friends. He has a great curiosity for other cultures, and he’s done his best to explore the island and interact with the people here.

So far, every day for lunch, we’ve had chicken. Remember the man making his broom: The people here are incredibly good at using what they have available to them, all of it. Misty has decided against having chicken for a while.

After lunch, we convinced a few of the re-bar specialists to play a fiery round of Go Fish.

And there’s always time for baseball. Materials needed: one stick, one wad of trash (neatly packed into a roundish shape), and four sandals for bases. Final score: Dominicans 4 Americans 3

We’re working on building a two-story building. Currently, we’re preparing the structure, so it can support the second floor. As you can see, that requires lots and lots of re-bar.

But getting it up to the second story is harder than it might sound.

Work day three complete. Three more to go. Keep us in your prayers.