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Permission Form for Traveling Minors
Notary Required – Missionary Statement
Apply for a US Passport
Packing List

Payment Policy

The Dioceses of Eastern and Western Michigan have a policy to assist missioners with the cost of their trip. The diocese commits to paying 1/3 of the total cost of the trip, with the understanding that the missioner will pay or raise 1/3 and their parish will pay or raise 1/3.

Things to Know & Remember

“Bring a servant’s heart, a compassionate spirit, a desire to learn about and accept the culture you are visiting, a big smile, a good sense of humor, ingenuity, flexibility, a good set of ears to listen, an open mind to understand, and patience with the ability to accept the laid back lifestyle of the Caribbean.”

We are in the DR to learn from a culture and a group of people. We are guests. We must put aside our need to have all the answers or to know what is best in any situation.

We are patient.

….with time: This is a culture where events do not take place on the clock. Things start when they start. We may spend a lot of time waiting. Building relationships and being with people are much more important than beginning something on time.

…with language: Spanish is spoken. Even if you know some Spanish, you will probably not always know what’s going on. It will be difficult to get your point across. This is an opportunity to learn ways other than speech to communicate!

We are vulnerable.

Traveling in a different country where you aren’t familiar with the language, customs, food, and people, you have the opportunity to become vulnerable. This vulnerability is a gift because it is through being vulnerable that we must rely on each other, on our hosts, and on God.

Please be aware of the dangers – both in safety and disease – and act accordingly.

Food and water: Be very careful of what you eat. We advise you not to eat from the vendors on the Malecon or on the beach. Do so at your own risk.

Do not ingest water. Use bottles of water to drink and brush your teeth. Do not get ice in your soda except at the hotel – the ice at La Lomar is safe to consume.

The food in the Dominican Republic is very good but may be more adventurous than you are used to. If you are a picky eater, please pack and bring snacks.

Plumbing: This country does not have a sophisticated plumbing system in many areas. In many cases, including your hotel room, there is a waste basket beside the toilets – these are for the toilet paper instead of flushing. Much of the plumbing ends up in ravines so try to the best of your ability to accommodate this.

Military Check-Points: You may see military check-points where we drive and there may be security guards carrying machine guns. Our building site is in a tourist area so it is unlikely we will see this. It is more common near the Haitian border.

We are modest. 

To respect the culture and to convey our best representation of the church it is important to be modest. Please dress modestly, refrain from swearing or crude language, and be conscious of how you relate with others, especially with people of the opposite sex.